Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sina, Focus merger triggered change in the situation: who's Sina?

The acquisition of a seemingly beautiful, the Sina thrown a vision of a better future well-being of the wave, but also it's future at the helm were more elusive.

22 night, Sina official statement announcing the issuance of 47 million common shares for the merger and acquisition, Focus Media's digital outdoor advertising.

1 is the largest Internet advertising media, a company with China's largest outdoor digital advertising network, this "powerful combination" of the marriage appears to be so perfect. However, the Company's ownership structure itself is very fragmented, so never have absolute control over the formation of the shareholders.

Wang Zhidong from sudden sensational year, "class" to the now single-handedly led to the acquisition of Focus drama of Charles Chao, Sina's helm turnover. In the past nine years, for a total of 5 Sina any CEO, this is the gift of thanks to its dispersed ownership. The Focus and the market value of roughly the Sina Sina to "take" this monster, must make their equity control of regeneration variable. Welcome to enter the house as the Focus, Sina's board of directors will place new personnel earthquake? All become more complicated and confusing.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zhou Hongyi: difficult to start off on how conservative estimates are not

Not strive for progress, first think back, not a conservative estimate on how difficult

What is the basic premise of business? Is not an investment, not a good product. The premise exists in the heart of the entrepreneur.

"No progress, first think back," This is particularly true business process, so start the beginning of the first to have thought of failure to prepare, in advance of the cognitive difficulty, how estimates are not conservative, so in the face of suffering and frustration time will not feel so difficult to accept. After ten years an entrepreneur has been successful, you have the determination to suffer in this decade also eat again, even more bitter than he, even, or unsuccessful?

From a strategic perspective, to do business is a great cause, but this great cause by trivial things, difficulties and problems of composition, as long as is necessary to do business day after day, year after year to solve these problems. In the course of business, there may be a lot of people laugh at you, or others to do better than you, or product development do not come out on time ... ... you are having problems are more than N so that you feel the business is self-torture. If the urge to just start seeing other people's business from the market, and selling them for cash, and the success of scenery ... ... it should not venture. These motives are not enough to sustain a person insisted in the end.

Entrepreneurs are "idealists"

To some extent, the entrepreneur should be an idealist, something that can not be materialized perplexed. If a person's entrepreneurial motivation is for some external, something which materialized about this factor will work today, work tomorrow that element, but nothing after the past ten years.

I have also had to lecture on campus, and many students have had exchanges, I found a phenomenon that many graduates are always in consideration: I'm going to northern development, because my girlfriend in the north; I'm going to this company not go to that company, because the company is said to more than five hundred dollars that companies with high wages, or because someone in our class went to the company, he went to, I can not go?

These ideas are wrong from the start. Make their own career development, life trajectory depends on the number of external things - these things matter? Your heart want? Most want to pursue your heart, before graduation you should seriously think clearly, should be to pursue after graduation. So you can follow a target and unswervingly follow, although not necessarily go straight, but always go to that goal.

When I left the Founder, to leave at that time seem to have good jobs and income, many people think that to give up, this courage is so hard, in fact I do not think, because I know what your heart wants, I want to understand is that a dollar a linear equation, only one factor in determining my choice is I want to do a lot of people can use the software, when the Founder has not let me achieve this ideal, I chose leave, if you want to clear these things, then the position, vested interests, the invisible stuff visible on the not important.

Therefore, the important thing is values, "man is man, spend, and God to", the entrepreneur should have such a mind.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kai-fu Lee entrepreneurs need to have sufficient "relentless"

Internal staff eyes Kai-fu Lee is a good boss. Last year in November, he went to India on business, after 20 hours of transit flight, he reached Bangalore airport only to find his secretary forgot to apply for visas to India, returning in Beijing, he was not on the Secretary of the angry, just tell her "again", the Secretary of his Dao Shi cried hard, upright, and has been brooding. To resolve the Secretary of guilt, Kai-fu Lee a few days after the departure to the Kunlun Hotel attending the conference, deliberately ask the secretary, "Will the Kunlun Hotel, applied for a visa you help me?" After the laughter, is subordinate to be of open mind. Technical staff are the eyes of Kai-fu Lee know how to engineer a culture of managers, engineers, said he most often a phrase is, "I do not agree with you, but I support you." The other word is, "What do you think? Have What can I help you? "a Google executive and the two general's search engineers think they do not support other people, they go to Kai-fu Lee, Lee is also very puzzled about this product, but said," If you understand the difficulties which are still willing to invest after, then I'll support you. "later became Google's search is an important product.

Such a person to leave one day, Google suddenly what happens when business?

First, his secretary going with him firmly and he agreed. He made other people want to go, he declined, because to remain in Google's treatment more favorable.

Second, the engineers on their rush, Kai-fu Lee announced his resignation at the start of the day, innovation workshops cover letter received 7000.

Third, the media entrepreneurs Kai-fu Lee that coverage from even the most acerbic comments normally are, for the resignation of Kai-fu Lee made good business is only a reminder.

Fourth, there are more perfect than this case you start to resign?

The last time the resignation of Kai-fu Lee also shocked the world, Kai-fu Lee has thus become the cover of the media, but not his personal will, Kai-fu Lee was only Microsoft and Google, the struggle between the two giant biscuits.

In the September 5 two weeks prior to departure leaked, Kai-fu Lee will wake up 15 o'clock every day online, in addition to checking your e-mail investors, more important thing is to "look online there are no negative news, news leaked out there . "Kai-fu Lee caution, treading on thin ice," the left is full of crisis. "He sighed, then he asked," Do not you think? "

The outside world certainly will not feel that way, read the various media and polls on the Kai-fu Lee's evaluation, the use of the "most negative" of a word would be "controversial", the so-called "controversial", but is implied Kai-fu Lee good business reputation, and even some speculation components. Kai-fu Lee cherish the reputation is well known, in Google China a few years, Google has from time to time suffered slings and arrows, the most to Kai-fu Lee tryin is his personal morality, malicious attacks, such as Google Inc. to make a collective late submission of personal tax to be interpreted as "Kai-fu Lee for tax evasion "This report him" very hurt. " Kai-fu Lee is difficult to blame any fault cherish honor, Kai-fu Lee often went to the University of speech, if Google is related to the promotion and recruitment, the expense of the company's expenses, if only the individual nature of the speech, he will bear their own costs.

Kai-fu Lee's careful care of the personal brand in his own company receive a return. His business plan 5-year cost 800 million yuan, when he took out his business plans, venture investors, WI Harper Group immediately agreed to invest in shares, known for 8 years, a friend, Hon Hai Group, Terry Guo became the Kai-fu Lee Venture project's largest shareholder, said that Kai-fu Lee Hon Hai to invest in innovation factory 500 million.

Gou even Kai-fu Lee is an important promoter of business in 2009, a key to communicate to them the Internet. In the past, manufacturing Gangster Gou idea is "big business is hard," software, the Internet is not big business. May 2009, Terry Gou and even special went to Beijing to find Kai-fu Lee talk Google's business model with the culture, "I am not very sure the software with the Internet in the end can not make a lot of money, this time I believed." Gou asked Kai-fu Lee, you will not come out to open such a company, I would like to support you.

Kai-fu Lee went to see Liu, chairman of Legend Holdings, YouTube founders Steve Chen and the New Oriental Group Chairman Mr Yu, they got their investment support. Liu raised the issue to the Kai-fu Lee: you start with the idea of separation of entrepreneurs, and will not let his lack of passion? Kai-fu Lee made a brief answer. A month, Kai-fu Lee had to cobble together the necessary 200 million yuan of funds early.

銆怟ai-fu Lee said: "The left is full of crisis."銆?br />
End of the interview, we asked Kai-fu Lee: "In your career, which one is your most dangerous of the hop?"

Kai-fu Lee said: "It is Microsoft that once."

However, Kai-fu Lee entrepreneurial hop, the most "dangerous" test in the back.

Kai-fu Lee from the summer of 2008 began to consider the end of his manager career, from a university teacher, to join Apple, SGI, Microsoft, and eventually became Google's global senior vice president Kai-fu Lee's professional managers of the road in Google has reached the highest point. However, through the passion to create a Google China after a period in the last year of Google Kai-fu Lee thinking about quitting. Microsoft, like Google in China's commercial operations are many political factors, while Google's global practice has with the local Chinese policy has all kinds of conflicts, which led to Google in China frequently fined Microsoft in China beaten, Bill * Gates and Ballmer is not the time come to China to show good repair, while Google's two founders Brin and Page have yet to set foot on Chinese soil.

His first choice is no suspense, like many professional managers engaged as a fund raising venture capital, just as he was about to pass to find investors, Lehman Brothers crashing to insolvency, the planned venture capital funds suddenly nothing happened. Not contract with Google to do not invest, put in the Kai-fu Lee left the road in front of three: a multinational company to another, to private enterprise, to business.

These four paths are "workers" in the eyes of the star CEO Jun Tang a key exit route, even "helplessness", Jun Tang to the "Chinese entrepreneurs," Reading said, to multinational corporations, "You have a little better than the original business , posts should be slightly higher, are generally very difficult. The point is, you are Microsoft, do not necessarily come to IBM, IBM also do not want you, HP's you to Microsoft, Microsoft does not necessarily want you to, this very embarrassing. "

To private enterprise, Tang Jun said that "the road of private enterprises is very rough, difficult, and it is not easy, is not an ordinary agitated, and there will be very different, can not call drop, a huge difference."

To entrepreneurship, Jun Tang that "this is the most difficult path. To make a 3-5's relatively small so a little bit of successful companies, is an extremely difficult task, perhaps one can be done. Problems In this company is not a sustainable business model is not a profitable business model, is not replicable business model. "

Selection of the most dangerous that road Kai-fu Lee shooting photos, we reveal a voice to, "I do not want the boss!"

He thought with a small capital investment in Angel, because he saw the U.S. technology start-ups, 40% of the investment from angel investors. Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial model is based on an information flow, a network of resource-rich environment, "because the smart people know smart people, very open, willing to share information, have Idea to find a VC, someone help you pull strings, you to pull strings, click on the got the money. " The "Chinese people are relatively unwilling to share information, I have a good idea, I do not tell you, I know good people, I still in my possession, I do not introduce it to you."

But Kai-fu Lee is not willing to make a simple angel investors, "can be said that Hong Zhou, Lei Jun, or play a role in Deng Feng, Kai-fu Lee joined the ranks. But from the three angels into the four angels, not of much help." He like, "Can large-scale angel?"

This year in June, Kai-fu Lee recalls his time in the hospital in this life, "What time I am most happy?" The answer is "the happiest time is when the creation of Google in China, there is the time to create a Microsoft Research, the two the happiest years of my time. "So he thought to do," a company that I always create a company. "

Combination of the two, he decided to do a creative workshop, volume manufacturing innovative company. The Internet, mobile Internet and information technology industry is focused on innovation and project workshops.

Kai-fu Lee's innovation factory is like a technology company and angel investment mix, he called it "organized angel investment and innovation", in this platform, Kai-fu Lee's mission is to "integrate", "I were to to optimize the good ideas, good entrepreneurs, a good engineer. "he said, once the project incubation mature, their investment will be creative workshops, and will strip out the company's entire team, independent venture capital firms to go public is acceptable The road can also be sold to other companies.

This model can give full play to Kai-fu Lee on a high technology project management experience, a variety of resource integration, as he did at Google. But this seems an ideal model now seems an obvious defect, for example, the project may not be the last person who led the project, which would obviously hurt the entrepreneurial motivation. Also, the innovative entrepreneur workshop platform does not require its own investment funds, on the contrary, they can get in the creative workshop where a sufficient living wage requirements, it will not lead to the potential entrepreneurs are not Excited enough? "This is a very good question." Kai-fu Lee replied, "I think we can give him money, but I think that depends on the individual's economic situation." innovation workshops, there are many blind spots pattern, Kai-fu Lee is not without looking , "I can also consider the future, but it is, and now what are considered to 璇? I do not time to do things, and what are actually a Dao Li Shi Qing Douyaolijie, you can not catch." he said.

These problems do not really worry about, plenty of room to adjust the business model. In fact, the biggest trouble is that Kai-fu Lee exemplary professional managers, can be found in their own business when the wolf, there has been enough "relentless" Jin you?

"Savings, hard work, you can think of it as a kind of relentless." Kai-fu Lee to answer. For example, he said, had to buy innovative workshops in the domain, the other party to ask 2600 U.S. dollars, is this seems perfectly acceptable figure, Kai-fu Lee last obstinately price Kandao the 1000 U.S. dollars. The company's office space is also his own in negotiations. "I rediscovered my passion." He said, "Over the past week or so, I only sleep four hours, but I'm not tired."

Next, he demonstrated his long list of rebels, "ruthless" side, "I can not put people who perform well Fire (fire) out? No doubt that in the past I can. I can not do moral thing to bully a competitor? that I can not. I can not compare things to do localization? I absolutely can. I will work very hard, and then ask employees to work hard? I will. I will not be pounded his desk curse? I will not. but I will not use very strict criteria to tell the staff, if you do not meet this, there will be serious consequences? this I will. "

've Had entrepreneurship Jun Tang, Kai-fu Lee to see this venture enemy, "the biggest enemy is himself. China is not lack of market, China does not lack talent, but China is the lack of real market opportunities may seize them."

To buy their own domain name, choose to rent space for himself to the engineer to buy lunch, Kai-fu Lee has never risen up posture keep up appearances, but he could be like China's entrepreneurs keen found brutally growth?

"In fact, our bet is that I can see clearly that engineers, entrepreneurs and ideas, then I can match them together, that very few people can match me." He said, "I also recognize that kind of excessive brutality, especially Xiasan Lan things, I might not inferior to other people, I hope the former is far more important than the latter. "

However, he changed the subject, "I might do something for those brutal, more than you imagine."


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Friday, September 24, 2010

Kingsoft Internet in March set up entities known as the listed companies to prepare

February 26, according to Kingsoft insiders, the company's Flag poisoning Pa business entities will be established in mid-March the company formally spun off from Kingsoft, analysis said the move was in preparation for the listing.

It is understood, will be in March Kingsoft Duba incorporated entities, the name has not been determined, but there are rumors saying that he would name "Beijing Kingsoft Co., security software." More than 100 people at the same time the department will move out to the North Fourth Ring Road, Jinshan Building, the new office area, new site is selected in.

It is understood that, in February 2009, Kingsoft company will split its business into the games, office software and security software, three independent companies, senior vice president of Kingsoft, the software division as general manager of Ge Ke security software business unit CEO, responsible for Kingsoft Internet Security, WPS products such as Kingsoft. Meanwhile media reports today, Jinshan Wang Xin was appointed vice president of security security software Kingsoft CEO, all for Duba business.

Industry analysts have said, "Although the announced spin-off last year, but only within the independence of a company statement, an independent company not to register. Under the current income, the GEM should have no problem, but when the public also need to consider specific long-term sustainable growth. "

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thunder teach you how to remove ads

Thunder While easy to use, it will automatically load each time you run when the small ads and pop-up window, not only looked uncomfortable, but also a waste of system resources, affect the Thunder's use of speed. Will result in compatibility problems under vista , the time as long as a finger, you can remove all those useless stuff out, and create a fresh version of Thunder, more comfortable to use.

First, turn off Thunder News

Each will automatically pop up when running a Thunderbolt "Thunderbolt Info" window, for the most useless man said, but also indirectly affects the Thunder's starting speed. Thunder itself has provided a shut-down, to shield it also Simple.

Open the Thunder, in the "Tools" menu, click on "Configure" option, open the "Configure" dialog. Switch to "Advanced" tab, clear the "Show Thunderbolt information" election box, click "OK" button to disable automatic pop-up "Thunderbolt information" window.

Second, clear the small ads

Thunder starts every time, in its window at the top and bottom border on the banner will be randomly downloaded from the Internet, the dynamic display pictures and text ads, and some advertisements Jiugen street "psoriasis" small ads unsightly, annoying. Thunder can be installed by modifying the file to remove them.

To close the Thunder, Thunder installation directory and then open the "Program" folder.

Find "gui.cfg" file, double-click it to open a text document.

Were found to "ADServer =", "PVServer =", "ADCountingServer =" and HomePage = "at the beginning of the four blocks of characters, the" = "followed by the URL are removed.

Click "File" 鈫?"Save" button to save the modified text of the document, close the document.

Then, the most important:

Right-click "gui.cfg" file select "Properties", open the Properties dialog box. Check the "Read Only" box, click "OK" button. And then restart those annoying ads Thunder disappears.

3, shielding Top Recommended

Thunder's "top picks" not only accounts for part of the interface space, affecting the normal operation, and which often displays some ads and bad information, which is really annoying. The installation file by modifying the Thunder it can block out .

To close the Thunder, and then open the Thunder installation directory "Profiles" folder, double-click the "UserConfig.ini" file to open a text file.

Press Ctrl + F keys to open the "Find" dialog box, enter "[Splitter_1]", click "Find Next" button to find the location of the key words ..

In the "[Splitter_1]" found under "Pane1_Hide = 0", the 0 to 1, both "Pane1_Hide = 1".

Click "File" 鈫?"Save" option to save the file, then open the Thunder can see the "Top Recommendation" window has disappeared.

After these settings, people tired of the Thunder on the small ads and pop-up windows were all removed by us, Thunder became so refreshing to use, I found myself more comfortable


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suspected of extortion Donews producer Liu Ren denies allegations

Thousand Oaks Internet Technology Development Co., Ltd. Vice President Liu Ren and his two subordinates were charged to remove the "360 security guards," the negative article in the grounds of the software, to obtain a copy of the software company of 230,000 yuan (November 20 last year this newspaper has report). Yesterday, Liu Ren and other three persons were arrested for extortion in the West Side Court for trial, denied the allegations in court Liu Ren.

The prosecution alleges that in July last year, has managed Donews, flapping the site cat Liu Ren Xu instigate new things staff, friends, tour the Central and others published on the Internet and reproduced on three international unlimited Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Development "360 security guards, "the negative news software and on the company's chairman and negative individuals, the latter to remove the grounds of negative news related to the three international companies for 230,000 yuan.

September 19 last year, three international manager arranged to provide something to the new account Xu import 50 thousand yuan. Afternoon of October 12 that year, Liu Ren and others in Haidian again within a restaurant manager to three international cash received 80,000 yuan, and arrested by a police officer on the spot.

The court, the first interrogation of Liu Ren refute the charges, said he has never threatened the three international companies, has not requested money.

Liu Ren said that this originated from the Rising and the "360 security guards" in a war of words, he was just so central to the tour, "360" technical analysis can not be made of special anti-virus sent to the Internet. "I think this is normal news reports, many sites are reporting on this matter at that time." Ren Liu said in court, and he never talked to three international companies money, Xu thing was the total with the three international companies managers on public relations into a 23-million agreement to help the company build brand image, they will no longer publish the company's negative news.

However, Liu Ren's the excuse did not receive the recognition of two co-defendants. Xu pleaded guilty in court matters and tour central, and that released "360" Liu Ren negative messages are directed to. According to Xu something that made complete negative news, the three international companies to be willing to be deleted. "I Zuobuliaozhu Liu Ren had to ask for instructions. Liu Ren Let me be 300 000." Xu said the new matter, and interviewed the manager of three international companies Liu ligament is a go.

The case is not handed down in court.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

JSP variable in the scope of the specification

JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JSP Standard Tag Library specification (JSTL) to Web developers to provide many useful tags (also known as operations). In addition, JSP 2.0 also provides two API, which is the standard API and simple tags tags API, used to build custom tags / operation. Inherited from the previous API JSP 1.x, and due to historical reasons, the use by the JSTL. (Due to the development of JSTL 1.0 in JSP 2.0 before, so the new API does not include JSTL 1.1.) Moreover, JSTL does not use JSP fragment and dynamic properties of the new features such as JSP. This article uses the JSP 2.0 API and features of the new build custom tag extensions JSTL. This article provides an overview of API and demonstrates how to develop

鈼?Export variable tag

鈼?conditions of tags

鈼?iteration mark

鈼?dynamic properties of the tag

鈼?Coordination tag

Simple tag API Overview

In JSP pages using custom tags, the application server JSP container will convert the call ... as tag processing methods like Java code. Therefore, if you want to develop custom tag, you must provide a tag handler, such standards must be marked using JSP 1.x API or the JSP 2.0 simple tag API. Compare these two API, will find the new API easier to use. Only a simple tag API Interface (javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTag), which defines the method of dealing with custom tags. Usually from the JSP container automatically generated from the JSP page in the Java Servlet to call these methods.

javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTagSupport class implements SimpleTag interface, so when the mark when dealing with only the preparation of an Extended SimpleTagSupport doTag () method can be. The following steps describe how to develop a simple tag handler class:

Step 1: Design custom tag

First, you must choose a name tag and set its properties. Then, create a tag library descriptor (TLD) file (using the JSP specification defines the XML format) to inform the JSP container how to handle and verify the custom tag. Text provides a sample TLD file called util.tld.

Step 2: Create tag handling class

Must provide an interface for achieve SimpleTag Java classes. The easiest way is to extend SimpleTagSupport or one of its subclasses. In this article VarTagSupport, IfTag and WhileTag class for extending SimpleTagSupport. Examples of other tag handler extension VarTagSupport.

If you want to use is not specified in the TLD file attributes, then the tag handler must implement the javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.DynamicAttributes interface (such as "dynamic attributes of the tag" section describes the MapTag example below).

Step 3: Initialize tag handle class instance

Each tag handler class must contain a public no arguments constructor for placing the initialization code. In this article address some of the tag type (EvalTag, ListTag and MapTag) contains a public constructor without parameters, it uses the default values instance variables initialized. Other (IfTag, WhileTag and ItemTag) no constructor. Please note, Java compiler in the class does not contain any constructors to automatically generate a public constructor without parameters, this function does not do anything.

Step 4: Method of providing property

JSP page tag attribute values through the setAttribute () method is passed to the tag handler. For example, this article includes four tag attributes: var, scope, expr and type. EvalTag handling class implements setExpr () and setType () method, inherited from the VarTagSupport setVar () and setScope ().

Dynamic properties of interfaces defined by DynamicAttributes setDynamicAttribute () method of delivery.

Step 5: Implement doTag () method

The method used to implement custom tag logic. doTag () method by the JSP container, after following all the property set method call. Here you can use getJspContext () to get a javax.servlet.jsp.JspContext object to access the JSP environment. Can call getJspBody (), which returns javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.JspFragment instance, the instance that is located in the main body and between the JSP. If you work together to develop the tags, such as and (the last part of this article will be introducing its), you can also use the getParent () and findAncestorWithClass () method.

Step 6: Test the custom tag

JSP pages using custom tags to use the tag directive to import the tag library. When the custom tag in JSP page, when, JSP container generates the class instance to create tag handling, call the property method and call doTag () method code. Therefore, the use of JSP custom tag implementation of the page call tag will handle class methods.

Limitations and workarounds

To simplify the tag processing API, JSP 2.0 adopted a limit: If the custom tag processing class is based on the simple tag API, then the page author and shall not be used between the JSP 1.x statement (), JSP 1.x expression ( ) and scriptlet (). In most cases, you can Java code in JSP page move to the tag handler class, or in the JSP 2.0 expression (${...})( in a custom tag can be used in the main body) to use JSTL. Please note, JSP 2.0 allows you to standards-based API for custom tag to use the body tag scriptlet. However, because the script does not use JSP pages easier to maintain, it is best to avoid the use of Java in the Web page code.

My previous Oracle Technology Network (OTN) article, "Using JSP 2.0 EL API" describes a simple tag API, and provides another limit workaround. JspContext class is not available on the JSP implicit objects (such as application, session, request and response) of the visit. Most application servers (including Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) 10g) allows to convert the JSP PageContext context

Tag handler does not apply to the use println () statement generates a large number of reusable HTML code. JSP 2.0 this work provides a better way. JSP tag files to use the so-called by the JSP container syntax is automatically converted to a simple tag on the tag handler API. Another one of my OTN article "Creating JSP 2.0 tag files", introduced new features to this JSP.

Export variable tag

Many JSTL tags to achieve a logical and export JSP variable to report the results. For example, contains a var attribute must specify the SQL result set to save the JSP variable name. var property on the other JSTL tags (such as and) is optional. If the var attribute does not exist, then these tags will output their results. Var properties all contain the tags also contain a scope attribute that can be used to indicate the following JSP variable scope: page, request, session or application.

VarTagSupport class (which is an example of this development) Extension SimpleTagSupport var and scope attributes for the provision of setting method. VarTagSupport contains export JSP variables, access to the main content and practical method of output, rather than to achieve doTag () method. These methods from the sub-class VarTagSupport doTag () to use. This article includes four tag for the expansion VarTagSupport handling class (EvalTag, MapTag, ListTag and ItemTag).

Please note, JSP variable in JSTL specification called the scope of variables in the JSP specification, called the scope of named variables or attributes. These variables JspContext class by setAttribute () method to create / export. You can use the JSP page $ (varName), and the use of Java code JspContext the getAttribute () or findAttribute () method to obtain their values. Do not confuse the JSP tag variables and attributes.


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[Aion] Korean clothing and EQUIPMENT leveling frenzy 1.2 perfect

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