Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thunder teach you how to remove ads

Thunder While easy to use, it will automatically load each time you run when the small ads and pop-up window, not only looked uncomfortable, but also a waste of system resources, affect the Thunder's use of speed. Will result in compatibility problems under vista , the time as long as a finger, you can remove all those useless stuff out, and create a fresh version of Thunder, more comfortable to use.

First, turn off Thunder News

Each will automatically pop up when running a Thunderbolt "Thunderbolt Info" window, for the most useless man said, but also indirectly affects the Thunder's starting speed. Thunder itself has provided a shut-down, to shield it also Simple.

Open the Thunder, in the "Tools" menu, click on "Configure" option, open the "Configure" dialog. Switch to "Advanced" tab, clear the "Show Thunderbolt information" election box, click "OK" button to disable automatic pop-up "Thunderbolt information" window.

Second, clear the small ads

Thunder starts every time, in its window at the top and bottom border on the banner will be randomly downloaded from the Internet, the dynamic display pictures and text ads, and some advertisements Jiugen street "psoriasis" small ads unsightly, annoying. Thunder can be installed by modifying the file to remove them.

To close the Thunder, Thunder installation directory and then open the "Program" folder.

Find "gui.cfg" file, double-click it to open a text document.

Were found to "ADServer =", "PVServer =", "ADCountingServer =" and HomePage = "at the beginning of the four blocks of characters, the" = "followed by the URL are removed.

Click "File" 鈫?"Save" button to save the modified text of the document, close the document.

Then, the most important:

Right-click "gui.cfg" file select "Properties", open the Properties dialog box. Check the "Read Only" box, click "OK" button. And then restart those annoying ads Thunder disappears.

3, shielding Top Recommended

Thunder's "top picks" not only accounts for part of the interface space, affecting the normal operation, and which often displays some ads and bad information, which is really annoying. The installation file by modifying the Thunder it can block out .

To close the Thunder, and then open the Thunder installation directory "Profiles" folder, double-click the "UserConfig.ini" file to open a text file.

Press Ctrl + F keys to open the "Find" dialog box, enter "[Splitter_1]", click "Find Next" button to find the location of the key words ..

In the "[Splitter_1]" found under "Pane1_Hide = 0", the 0 to 1, both "Pane1_Hide = 1".

Click "File" 鈫?"Save" option to save the file, then open the Thunder can see the "Top Recommendation" window has disappeared.

After these settings, people tired of the Thunder on the small ads and pop-up windows were all removed by us, Thunder became so refreshing to use, I found myself more comfortable


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