Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zhou Hongyi: difficult to start off on how conservative estimates are not

Not strive for progress, first think back, not a conservative estimate on how difficult

What is the basic premise of business? Is not an investment, not a good product. The premise exists in the heart of the entrepreneur.

"No progress, first think back," This is particularly true business process, so start the beginning of the first to have thought of failure to prepare, in advance of the cognitive difficulty, how estimates are not conservative, so in the face of suffering and frustration time will not feel so difficult to accept. After ten years an entrepreneur has been successful, you have the determination to suffer in this decade also eat again, even more bitter than he, even, or unsuccessful?

From a strategic perspective, to do business is a great cause, but this great cause by trivial things, difficulties and problems of composition, as long as is necessary to do business day after day, year after year to solve these problems. In the course of business, there may be a lot of people laugh at you, or others to do better than you, or product development do not come out on time ... ... you are having problems are more than N so that you feel the business is self-torture. If the urge to just start seeing other people's business from the market, and selling them for cash, and the success of scenery ... ... it should not venture. These motives are not enough to sustain a person insisted in the end.

Entrepreneurs are "idealists"

To some extent, the entrepreneur should be an idealist, something that can not be materialized perplexed. If a person's entrepreneurial motivation is for some external, something which materialized about this factor will work today, work tomorrow that element, but nothing after the past ten years.

I have also had to lecture on campus, and many students have had exchanges, I found a phenomenon that many graduates are always in consideration: I'm going to northern development, because my girlfriend in the north; I'm going to this company not go to that company, because the company is said to more than five hundred dollars that companies with high wages, or because someone in our class went to the company, he went to, I can not go?

These ideas are wrong from the start. Make their own career development, life trajectory depends on the number of external things - these things matter? Your heart want? Most want to pursue your heart, before graduation you should seriously think clearly, should be to pursue after graduation. So you can follow a target and unswervingly follow, although not necessarily go straight, but always go to that goal.

When I left the Founder, to leave at that time seem to have good jobs and income, many people think that to give up, this courage is so hard, in fact I do not think, because I know what your heart wants, I want to understand is that a dollar a linear equation, only one factor in determining my choice is I want to do a lot of people can use the software, when the Founder has not let me achieve this ideal, I chose leave, if you want to clear these things, then the position, vested interests, the invisible stuff visible on the not important.

Therefore, the important thing is values, "man is man, spend, and God to", the entrepreneur should have such a mind.

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