Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suspected of extortion Donews producer Liu Ren denies allegations

Thousand Oaks Internet Technology Development Co., Ltd. Vice President Liu Ren and his two subordinates were charged to remove the "360 security guards," the negative article in the grounds of the software, to obtain a copy of the software company of 230,000 yuan (November 20 last year this newspaper has report). Yesterday, Liu Ren and other three persons were arrested for extortion in the West Side Court for trial, denied the allegations in court Liu Ren.

The prosecution alleges that in July last year, has managed Donews, flapping the site cat Liu Ren Xu instigate new things staff, friends, tour the Central and others published on the Internet and reproduced on three international unlimited Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Development "360 security guards, "the negative news software and on the company's chairman and negative individuals, the latter to remove the grounds of negative news related to the three international companies for 230,000 yuan.

September 19 last year, three international manager arranged to provide something to the new account Xu import 50 thousand yuan. Afternoon of October 12 that year, Liu Ren and others in Haidian again within a restaurant manager to three international cash received 80,000 yuan, and arrested by a police officer on the spot.

The court, the first interrogation of Liu Ren refute the charges, said he has never threatened the three international companies, has not requested money.

Liu Ren said that this originated from the Rising and the "360 security guards" in a war of words, he was just so central to the tour, "360" technical analysis can not be made of special anti-virus sent to the Internet. "I think this is normal news reports, many sites are reporting on this matter at that time." Ren Liu said in court, and he never talked to three international companies money, Xu thing was the total with the three international companies managers on public relations into a 23-million agreement to help the company build brand image, they will no longer publish the company's negative news.

However, Liu Ren's the excuse did not receive the recognition of two co-defendants. Xu pleaded guilty in court matters and tour central, and that released "360" Liu Ren negative messages are directed to. According to Xu something that made complete negative news, the three international companies to be willing to be deleted. "I Zuobuliaozhu Liu Ren had to ask for instructions. Liu Ren Let me be 300 000." Xu said the new matter, and interviewed the manager of three international companies Liu ligament is a go.

The case is not handed down in court.

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