Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sina, Focus merger triggered change in the situation: who's Sina?

The acquisition of a seemingly beautiful, the Sina thrown a vision of a better future well-being of the wave, but also it's future at the helm were more elusive.

22 night, Sina official statement announcing the issuance of 47 million common shares for the merger and acquisition, Focus Media's digital outdoor advertising.

1 is the largest Internet advertising media, a company with China's largest outdoor digital advertising network, this "powerful combination" of the marriage appears to be so perfect. However, the Company's ownership structure itself is very fragmented, so never have absolute control over the formation of the shareholders.

Wang Zhidong from sudden sensational year, "class" to the now single-handedly led to the acquisition of Focus drama of Charles Chao, Sina's helm turnover. In the past nine years, for a total of 5 Sina any CEO, this is the gift of thanks to its dispersed ownership. The Focus and the market value of roughly the Sina Sina to "take" this monster, must make their equity control of regeneration variable. Welcome to enter the house as the Focus, Sina's board of directors will place new personnel earthquake? All become more complicated and confusing.

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